Andrew Boyley

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Andrew Boyley

Computer Science Student

I am a Computer Science major at the University of the Witwatersrand. I have a passion for learning new technologies and developing software at a high standard. One day, I have hopes to become a professional game developer, making titles that will hopefully rival the ones I grew up with. In my spare time, I enjoy competitive programming and photography. I constantly have the urge to explore the unknown and dive deep into the beautiful world of Computer Science and academia.

Work Experiences

Website Developer

L8 Cafe | 2019

Worked as part of a two person team to develop and publish the L8 Cafe website.


StudentCo & Independently | 2018 - Present

(References available on request)

Shop Assistant

Parktown Boys’ High School | 2016

Part-time work preparing books and over-the-counter sales.

Packaging Assistant

Ascot Cosmetics | December 2015 and 2016

Holiday work packing cosmetics for delivery, and general office duties.


Full colours drama

Parktown Boys’ High School | 2017, 2018

Full colours oratory

Parktown Boys’ High School | 2017, 2018

Full academic scholarship

Parktown Boys’ High School | 2014-2018

Gold certificate - National Information and Technology Olympiad (Round 2)


Matric Information Technology prize

Parktown Boys’ High School | 2018

Overall best senior speaker

Parktown Boys’ High School | 2017, 2018


House Captain

Parktown Boys’ High School | 2018

Chairperson of Management

Johannesburg Junior council | 2017

Drama captain


Oratory captain


School Representative Council of Learners president

Parktown Boys’ High School | 2018

Boy Scout Patrol Leader

1st Kibler Park Sea Scouts | 2012