Andrew Boyley

Andrew Boyley

Computer Science Student
I am a Computer Science student with a particular interest in cyber security and machine learning. Want to know more about me? Check out my project portfolio and online resume. Feel free to contact me and hire me for your next project!
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What I do

I am currently a student studying Computer Science full time. In my spare time, I learn new frameworks, code solutions to competitive programming problems, create websites and practice ethical hacking through websites like HackTheBox. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume and portfolio.

Vanilla JavaScript

I started JS primarily to follow to Daniel Shiffman's coding videos. They're really great and I highly recommend you check him out.


Machine learning, data science and general automation are just a few things I use Python for. It is one of my favorites.


Static websites are fun to make and I code them up in my free time.
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My bread and butter for most competitive programming challenges.
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Jekyll, SASS & Bootstrap 4

These are my go to tools for any small web development project due to their ease of use and great results.


Used in some competitive programming problems or simply for Android apps. Taught myself from this course.
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Making small games for fun in my spare time.


The majority of my development projects are done on Linux (currently Arch) but I do use Windows for any game development and gaming in general.